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African Braiding Center Hair Braiding Review from Richmond, Virginia

Long story short. Never visit the Braiding House in Security Mall. I made an appointment only for them to tell me when I got there the only lady in the shop who does jumbo corn twist was working on someone else's hair but she could do my hair when she was done her current customer. Now keep in mind im 15 min early for my appointment and I would have to wait 2 hrs for her to finish! SO Nana the one I made the appointment with said you can pick another style and someone else can do your hair, so that's what I did bcuz I didn't want to wait 2 hrs. Murbella end up doing my hair. I decided to get cornrows and call it a day. Once she finished my hair she sprays my hair with oil sheen and then proceeds to use the lighter to burn my ends. As soon as she goes to flick the lighter my head caught fire! YES YOU READ RIGHT IT CAUGHT FIRE! The shop didn't even try to accommodate me in any way.  I asked about my hair being free and Nana kindly told me next time you come back we will give you a discount. If I had not already paid half way through the service they would not have gotten one penny out of me. They wouldn't even entertain giving me a discount. As I proceeded to  leave and told them they would be hearing from my lawyer  (I got witnesses names and phone numbers) they ran behind to give me $20 and says I'm sorry! I will see them in court!
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African Braiding Center Hair Braiding
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Devalued by African Braiding Center in Security Square Mall

I am African American so this is not a racial attack on Africans. I am just being honest-very honest. I am so tired of paying lots of money (usually $160-$200) to go to African Braiding shops only to have them be rude to me, talk about me and other customers in French, and overbook clients. The last time (and the time before that)I went to an African shop to get my braids done, I swore up and down that it was my last time-horrible experiences. However, I went back out of desperation (they are the only braiders in my area) now I am done! I called the braiding center in Security Mall three days before my scheduled appointment to get my fronts done (basically meaning getting the first few rows of my braids retouched). I was told to come in at 8:00am on a Saturday. I was not happy about the early slot, but got up at 6:30am to drive the 30 minutes across town. WHen I arrived, the manager kindly told me that "they don't take retouches (only full heads) in the morning." I was confused because this was the time I was told to come in. To make a long story short, over 10 clients who was receiving full services were put in front of me (they arrived after I got there). I waited an hour and half and never received any communication about when I would be receiving services. After watching several people go in front of me (for those who don't understand braids, they usually take 6-8 hours for a full head, retouching about 2 hours), I pulled the manager in the hallway and asked her why people who came in after me were allowed to get their hair done while I waited-it just was not fair because I had an 8 am appointment. She made up so many excuses none made any sense and tried to persuade me to come back in for service-Are you kidding me? At the end of the day my $60-$70 was not as good as the others who were paying double and triple for full services. They overbooked themselves and was going to make me wait because they wanted to make the most money. Well why did they tell me to come?? WHat ever happened to fairness? customer service? I am so sick and tired of giving these braiders good money in exchange for *** service. And for that reason, I will not be going to anymore of those braiding shops and I advise customers not to settle for being treated like that. You are paying way too much money to be talked about in another language, and waiting for hours for services because they overbooked to ensure they get their money. My advice to all the young girls with an entrepreneurial spirit is to learn how to braid, open up a shop and give great customer service with a smile. You will surely take many of these shops out of business. I have at least 15 clients that would gladly support you!
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And this is such a niche market that not everyone is going to have the expertise and first hand knowledge of your product, so you've got the potential to have the local market pretty much sewed up, and who knows, maybe other market areas have this same need and you can roll them out to other market areas after you perfect your area. Be the millionaire...start small but think huge :)


I can see it in my brain. Sage green, beige, white, black, tan, light muted rose décor, towels, etc..

soft lighting.

Your customers will be enveloped in relaxation as soon as they walk in the door. light, soft smelling oil or incense.

You can see it too - how you want it is more than likely how your potential clients want it too.


Also, you could offer a better experience. Make it like a spa type experience (offer chocolate, nuts, snacks, tea, etc..).

A whole day for getting hair done requires VERY GOOD TREATMENT of your clients. Have current issues of popular magazines (Oprah's magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Sports Illustrated (for the men), Real Simple, Jet, etc..) Your clients will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and beautiful - I guarantee you'll have a very loyal customer base in no time, especially with word of mouth advertising.


Do you have the space in your home (basement or extra room) or do you know anyone who could front you money to open up a shop? This is how great businesses get started - a desperate need in the area for a better product - if you're pissed so are others in your area. You don't have to be the licensed cosmetologist, you just have to pool your money with ones that are and you all can set it up to receive equal portions of the profits - you would be the manager/marketing/administrative person and let the creative people practice their passion AND you could offer a lower rate for maybe rows that are spaced out farther and take less time to do(?) Go for it!!!

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